Rear leg coverage is one of the most difficult problems to solve for dogs.  A dog’s anatomy and way it moves make coverage nearly impossible.  We have a simple coverage solution we have shared with hundreds of owners.

Many of my clients with needs to cover the rear legs of their dogs, have found this a simple, cost effective solution:

Shopping List:

1 standard dog harness
1 pair children’s sweat pants or stretch leggings
2 packages 1” elastic


  1. measure your dog's waist...area just behind the rib cage and just in front of the rear legs
  2. measure around your dog's thighs at widest point

Go to a discount children's store (Target or K-Mart) and purchase infant or children's fleece leggings (sweat pants) or stretch leggings. Fleece can be cut and will not unravel. You can cut the legs on the pants to the length that you need them to be. While at the store, pick up 2 packages of 1" elastic.

Cut the crotch of the pant from the waist band at the belly of the pant, up and around to just above the tail. Leaving the crotch seam intact from tail to waist band on the back of your dog. The legs can be snugged
with tape or a quick seam on a sewing machine and if the pants fall down, a pair of suspenders made with two strips of elastic attached to the waist band of the pants and threaded through a standard inexpensive, loose, dog's "H" type to hold them up.