DogLeggs' Surgi-Sox™ Torso
(US Patent No: 6,070,557)

Indications for use include:

  • Wounds, abrasions, incisions
  • Skin lesions associated with dermatological disease
  • Chronic obsessive licking
  • Skin lesions associated with radiation therapy
  • Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube (PEG Tube)
  • Thoracostomy tube
  • Surgically placed drain tubes/Jackson Pratt drains
  • Fragile skin associated with immunosuppressive therapy/compromised immune system
  • Certain behavioral issues

Area of Coverage: Torso

DogLeggs' Surgi-Sox Torso provides coverage, protection and compression of the torso. Compression can help prevent seroma formation following surgery and can also benefit animals with certain behavioral issues. Bandaging the torso without restriction of movement can be challenging especially when compression is needed. Achieving the appropriate tension without causing discomfort, irritation and other complications is difficult. Use of the Surgi-Sox Torso can often replace traditional bandaging methods and the dreaded Elizabethan collar. Surgi-Sox products are quick and easy to apply, they just slip right on and provide reliable coverage, protection and compression. Improved patient comfort reduces licking, chewing and scratching at wounds. The simplicity of the garments results in greater compliance.

In regards to behavioral issues, compression has been successfully used to calm animals and humans for years as demonstrated in treatment for fear and excitability associated with thunder in companion animals and autism in people. People often describe a feeling of calm, comfort and security when wearing compressive clothing. This calming effect can be beneficial for the recovering patient and for anxious, excitable or fearful animals in both the clinic and home setting.

The level of compression can be adjusted based on the size selected. Our sizing chart is based on a mild to moderate compression and can be used as a guideline if more or less compression is desired.

The DogLeggs' Surgi-Sox Torso is available as a slip-on or step-in application. Customizing the Surgi-Sox Torso to include padding for deep wounds or ulcers on the torso is also available.

DogLeggs' Surgi-Sox Torso for the Forelimb Amputee has no limb openings so it is ready for immediate post forelimb amputation. Just cut a slit for the remaining limb and apply. The material with not unravel or fray. The garment provides coverage of the incision and compression to reduce seroma formation.

Product Construction: Surgi-Sox Animal Bandaging System components are made from unique 4-way stretch material that is highly breathable. The material is plated to prevent it from sticking to wounds and is anti-microbial. The material can be cut to accommodate PEG tubes, etc. and will not unravel or fray. The seams are worn on the outside of the garment to provide a smooth interface for the area of coverage. The garments can be machine washed and will not lose the integrity or anti-microbial properties.

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Wear and Care/Return Policy/Disclaimer

Veterinarians: The DogLeggs' Surgi-Sox Animal Bandaging System is available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. These products can be inventoried. Custom sizes are also available upon request. Save with the DogLeggs' Surgi-Sox Starter Bundle and Quantity Discount Bundles.

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Surgi-Sox Torso

Surgi-Sox Torso

Surgi-Sox Torso