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Dog Ear Hematoma Treatment and Recovery

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An extremely common condition for dogs of all ages, ear hematomas, also known as aural hematomas, cause swelling of the ear flap. Although ear hematomas can affect dogs of all breeds, dogs with long floppy ears are most at risk. This condition is also more common in dogs with allergic skin disease and those that suffer from chronic ear infections. Pets with blood clotting or bleeding disorders may also develop hematomas, with or without a history of trauma.

Ear hematomas can cause discomfort. Treatment is necessary to prevent ear flap deformities. Fortunately, diagnosis and treatment is easy.

What is an Ear Hematoma?

An ear hematoma is a fluid-filled filled swelling of the ear flap. More common in dogs with long floppy ears, ear hematomas can occur suddenly and get quite large in size. The swelling may cover part or all of the ear flap. Hematomas are sometimes referred to as a blood blister. 

Common Causes

One of the most common causes of ear hematomas, ear infections can cause dogs to aggressively shake their heads and scratch their ears. This trauma bursts the blood vessels in the ear flap, causing blood to pool within the skin and cartilage. This causes the swelling known as an ear hematoma.

Ear hematomas can also occur as the result of another injury or trauma to the ear flap. Dogs with bleeding disorders or blood clotting problems may also develop ear hematomas with or without trauma to the ear flap.

Symptoms of Dog Ear Hematoma

Symptoms of ear hematoma include swelling of the ear flap. Although more commonly seen in only one ear, it is possible for both ears to be affected. In the early stages, the swelling is soft and warm. Without treatment, scar tissue can harden and thicken causing a cauliflower contracture.


An experienced veterinarian can diagnose ear hematoma through physical examination. They will also look for any underlying causes such as ear infections or allergies. Diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause is extremely important in order to prevent future hematomas.


Treatment typically involves draining the hematoma and supporting the area to prevent further damage and to promote healing. This is accomplished by keeping the ear against the head so the ear flaps don’t move during head shaking.

In addition to treating and supporting the ear hematomas, it’s also important to treat any underlying conditions to prevent reoccurrence. This might involve antibiotics for ear infections or identifying and avoiding possible allergens. Some veterinarians prefer to lance the hematoma and drain the fluid under anesthesia.

Preventing ear infections is usually effective in preventing ear hematoma formation in dogs. When ear infections do occur, they should be treated promptly to avoid the formation of a hematoma.

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