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How to measure for a small dog

If you have a small dog, one whose leg measures 6" or less from point of elbow to floor, please take the following measurements:

  1. Measure from point of the elbow on one side of your dog, up and over the back to point of elbow on the opposite side of your dog.
  2. Measure around both the left and right legs at the point of the elbow.
  3. Measure around your dog's leg half way between the point of the elbow and the top of the paw
  4. Measure from point of elbow to top of paw

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We want to make sure that you are completely happy with your order, and that your product is sized correctly for your pet. Our customer service team reviews measurements individually on every order, and our exchange policy makes sure that you (and your pet) are supported.

If you have any issues, please call us at 800-313-1218.

For details, please see our return/exchange policy.



DogLeggs LLC Partners with Patterson Veterinary

DogLeggs patented therapeutic and rehabilitative products for companion animals are carried exclusively by Patterson Veterinary in the US.  Endorsed by leading veterinarians, board certified veterinary surgeons and veterinary medical schools throughout the US, these 100% US made products are dramatically improving patient outcomes over traditional bandaging methods and providing solutions where none previously existed. 

Patterson Veterinary

Veterinarians: To order DogLeggs' products through Patterson Veterinary simply contact your representative or call 800-225-7911.


AmericanFlag All DogLeggs' products are made in the USA.

Having trouble faxing your order?

If you receive a "No Answer" message when sending a fax to 703-391-9333, please try our secondary fax number: 703-579-0919.

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Special... choose a "sporty" look for your pet's DogLeggs!

For a limited time only, Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs,Tarsal Supports and Hock Socks are available in black with red accents.

Please let us know if you would like this option at the time of your order.

DogLeggs products in red

Stitch in Red DogLeggs