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DogLeggs' Carpal Support

Indications for use include:

  • Carpal hyperextension
  • Carpal instability/sprain or strain injury
  • Carpal osteoarthritis
  • Immune-mediated joint disease
  • Angular limb deformity
  • Chondrodystrophic dogs in need of carpal support
  • Post-op management of carpal arthrodesis or avulsion fractures

Area of Coverage: Top of paw to above carpal joint - the height of the standard support is double the measurement from the top of paw to mid-carpus**

Carpal support can be challenging. Proper fit and function relies on a product that will consider the barrel shape and bony prominences of the carpus. The DogLeggs' Carpal Support is not just a simple cylinder, it is barrel shaped, like the carpus. It is custom sized and the material conforms to the limb which allows for an intimate fit. Its unique shape, intimate fit and the materials's conforming properties provide even pressure and support top to bottom, reducing the risk of rub sores. It provides mild to moderate support alone. For additional support, one or more Extra Stabilization Straps can be added. If rigid support is needed, OrthoPlast may be molded and applied to the support. This stepped system allows you to step-up or step-down the amount of support without having to order a completely new Carpal Support.

For chondrodystrophic dogs, animals suffering with an angular limb deformity or those with abnormal joint structure, the DogLeggs' Carpal Support can be further customized. In these cases, digital images may be requested and a casting of the limb will be needed. The support is then literally sculpted to the casting. The DogLeggs' Casting Kit provides the instructions and materials needed to make a casting suitable for this purpose.

For patients with a compromised immune system or fragile skin, our support can be lined. Lining is recommended for animals with Cushing's Disease, Addison's Disease, an auto-immune disorder, skin allergies or those taking chemotherapy, steroid therapy or any other immunosuppressive therapy. We also recommend lining for young and/or active animals, dogs that participate in sports (agility, flyball, etc.) and working K-9s.

Special note regarding dew claws: For animals with prominent dew claws, digital images and additional measurement or a casting of the limb may be requested to allow us to incorporate a pocket to prevent irritation to the dew claw or underlying skin. Please contact us if the animal has prominent dew claws and if possible, send photos showing the dew claw on the limb in need of support to photos@dogleggs.com.

**The standard DogLeggs' Carpal Support height is double the length from the top of the paw to the mid-carpus, however, we can make the support taller.

A veterinary prescription is required to order this product.

Product Construction: The DogLeggs' Carpal Support is made from a closed cell foam with synthetic rubber material and is laminated with a nylon jersey fabric. It is light-weight yet durable and has incredible tensile strength. the product is machine washable.

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Veterinarians: Have the size you need when you need it and save with the DogLeggs' Carpal Support Starter Bundle.

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Testimonials (click colored bars to view individual details)

Debbie Gross Saunders, MSPT, OCS, CCRP

"I recommend the carpal supports for any dog with carpal ligamentous instability to offer a moderate amount of support.  They are easily worn and accepted by the dogs and offer an alternative to the dog with carpal or wrist issues.  I also recommend the supports for athletic dogs that have had a carpal or wrist problem or are prone to a sprain.  They allow the normal amount of movement of the wrist, while preventing excessive mobility.  They are easily worn in sports such as agility, obedience, flyball, schutzhund, sledding and more.  They are one of my favorite dog products!"
Debbie Gross Saunders, MSPT, OCS, CCRP
Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner
Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals, LLC



This is my lead dog Bonnie. After running a 100 mile dogsled race she started to limp with a swollen wrist. The snow conditions were soft and at the speed she was running came up with a sore wrist that hurt to bend. I rubbed some ointment on the joint and put the carpal brace on. Bonnie is a high drive dog that does not like to relax. With the brace on she was able to move around in the yard without putting pressure on the wrist. I kept it on for 8hrs and then removed for the evening. I did this for 4-5 days and the swelling went down and she was able to race the following weekend. I have used wrist wraps in the past for sore wrist on my sled dogs but the carpal brace is much more supportive and manages the swelling much quicker. 


Odin, UK

Odin Moore - UK




Carpal Support-neoprene brace for dog’s front legs providing mild to firm support.