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Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs

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  • Blue Poodle wearing a Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs for elbow hygromas and callouses
  • Poodle wearing a Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs for elbow hygromas, callouses, and shoulder instability

Indications for Use

  •  Hygroma (preventative and curative) 
  •  Decubital Ulcer 
  •  Pressure Sore 
  •  Callus/Pendulous Callus 
  •  Lick Granuloma
  •  Mild Elbow Dysplasia 
  •  Elbow Osteoarthritis 
  •  Skin Lesions associated with Radiation Therapy
  •  Post-operative Bandage 
  •  Wounds, Abrasions and Incisions

NOTE: This product is NOT intended for MSI, Medial Shoulder Instability or other SHOULDER related injuries or diagnoses.  SEE

Product Description

Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs provides coverage, padding and protection for the elbow joints. It is primarily used to treat and prevent elbow hygromas.  It is also commonly used to treat decubital ulcers, pressure sores, calluses (including pendulous calluses) and elbow arthritis.

For elbow hygromas, the use of the DogLeggs can be curative, eliminating the risk of complications associated with draining or surgery.  For animals suffering from elbow arthritis, the padding offers protection as well as reflected body heat to the joint improving comfort and mobility.

Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs allows for insertion of a donut, if needed, to treat deep wounds of the elbow or can accommodate a light bandage.

Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs is easy to apply and offers superior comfort for the animal.  It is comprised of two sleeves; one for each leg and a chest strap.  The sleeves attach to each other over the back suspending the elbow cuffs.  The elbow cuffs enclose and pad the elbows and secure with VELCRO® Brand fasteners.  This construction provides three-way adjustability: over the back, around each elbow, and below the elbow. The chest strap attaches to each sleeve and prevents the DogLeggs from sliding down the animal’s back when sitting.


** Alternate Measurement #3 (Both Legs) - If Measurement #4 is 6 inches or less, measure the leg half way between the Point of Elbow and Top of Paw.



Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs is constructed from a 3-dimensional fleece-faced, highly breathable, 4-way stretch textile with wicking properties. This material allows air to circulate while keeping the joint warm. The elbow cuffs contain 7mm of padding, sufficient for even giant breed dogs. VELCRO® Brand fasteners are used for adjustments and attachments. Product is machine washable. 

US Patent No: 6,240,882,B1

Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs


All Measurements must be taken while your dog is STANDING.

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