Calluses are characterized by an oval or circular, bald, thickened, and often rough, dry and crusty area and typically develop over bony prominences, most commonly the elbows and hocks. They are usually dark in pigmentation but may be red. Calluses develop as a result of chronic irritation from contact with hard surfaces when the animal sits or lies down.

In most cases, calluses are not painful. Dry, cracked calluses can ulcerate. In these cases, bleeding and discomfort may be noted. Cracked or ulcerated calluses are more susceptible to infection.

Although bedding can help cushion these areas, most dogs prefer the coolness of hard surfaces. Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs, provides padding and protection for the elbows and the DogLeggs' Hock Sock provides padding and protection for the hock. These products can be used to prevent a callus from becoming cracked and ulcerated or to treat those that have already progressed to this stage. We do recommend evaluation by your veterinarian, especially if you note swelling, irritation, drainage or acute changes in the appearance of a callus or if your dog has discomfort associated with the callus.


elbow callus
Elbow Callus

Ulcerated Elbow Callus
Ulcerated Elbow Callus