DogLeggs' Front Leg Wrap

Indications for use include:

  • Lick granuloma
  • Skin lesions associated with dermatological disease
  • Skin lesions associated with radiation therapy
  • Wounds, abrasions or incisions

Area of Coverage: From the top of the paw to 1" above the top of the wound (adjustments are made to the proportions of the animal). This product provides coverage for wounds located between the top of the paw and the middle of the radius/ulna(portion of leg between the top of the paw and the elbow.)

The DogLeggs' Front Leg Wrap provide coverage and protection for wounds located between the top of the paw and mid-forelimb. Each Front Leg Wrap is made to the specific measurements provided so that an intimate fit is achieved. This intimate fit is imperative for patient comfort and product function. It is manufactured from a highly breathable material that does not pull at the fur and is gentle on the skin. It is safe to use for animals with a compromised immune system or fragile skin.

For animals suffering from lick granulomas, the DogLeggs' Front Leg Wrap can offer coverage of the affected area but it alone is unlikely to address the underlying cause for the chronic licking. Successful treatment requires a multi-faceted approach. Please see our white paper, Lick Granuloma, which discusses the importance of a multi-faceted approach. This paper also provides suggestions on redirection of the oral drive and some considerations regarding the psychological issues that may be contributing to the animal's condition. We also strongly encourage you to seek veterinary care to rule out any medical conditions that may be the cause and to further discuss treatment options.

Please note: This product is a coverage solution only; it does not provide support to the forelimb. See the DogLeggs' Carpal Support for a supportive solution for the carpal joint.

Product Construction: The DogLeggs' Front Leg Wrap is constructed from a 3-dimensional fleece-faced, highly breathable, 4-way stretch textile with wicking properties. It allows air to circulate to the wound. It also incorporates a natural fiber that is inherently anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Hook and loop fastening system is used for closure. The product is machine washable.

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Alice in DogLeggs' Front Leg Wrap

Paint, shown below, is wearing two DogLeggs' Front Leg Wraps in the picture on the right.

Paint Without WrapsPaint With Wraps