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Carpal Support For Dogs

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Your dog’s carpal bones are important to your dog’s ability to move. These bones form several joints in the lower leg and create the equivalent of your wrist. Unlike humans, dogs place all of their weight on these bones everyday. Problems with the carpal bones can be extremely painful for your pet.

Unfortunately, conditions affecting the carpal bones are common. Osteoarthritis and carpal hyperextension affect hundreds of thousands of dogs each year. In fact, it’s estimated that osteoarthritis affects one quarter of the canine population.

Dogs with osteoarthritis and carpal hyperextension require proper care and management of their symptoms. Part of this care involves providing the necessary support to the area.

DogLeggs™ Carpal Support

DogLeggs'™ Carpal Support provides medium to moderate support of the carpus. In addition to osteoarthritis and carpal hyperextension, this product provides support for dogs suffering from sprains and strains, immune-mediated joint disease, and for the post-operative management of carpal arthrodesis or avulsion fractures.

DogLeggs™ products are constructed from high quality materials. Our Carpal Support includes Velcro closures for easy application and removal. This product is machine washable and built to last.

At DogLeggs™, we understand how important it is that your pet is comfortable. This is especially true for pets suffering from conditions affecting the carpus. We know that normal activities can be extremely painful for pets with osteoarthritis or carpal hypertension. This is especially true for larger breeds.

Our products are designed to provide support for a wide range of conditions. Our carpal support is specially made to fit the carpus. It is custom-sized for your pet. This helps ensure an intimate fit and adequate support of the area.

The DogLeggs™’ Carpal Support is versatile. Extra stabilization straps can be added if additional support is desired. Also, OrthoPlast can be molded and applied to the Carpal Support for conditions requiring rigid support.

About DogLeggs

DogLeggs™ offers products designed to support and treat a number of conditions. Our products provide exceptional support and are more efficient and cost-effective than traditional bandages. Please contact us to learn more about our Carpal Support for dogs.