DogLeggs™ VEST with Ehmer Sling

Commonly used by veterinarians to stabilize the rear leg, an Ehmer sling prevents dogs from weight bearing on an injured limb while keeping the femoral head internally rotated. This rotation is important, as it reduces the chance of reluxation following the reduction of a craniodorsal coxofemoral luxation.

After setting the limb, veterinarians traditionally use gauze and tape to hold the injured leg in place. Unfortunately, this method often causes trauma to the skin. Tape adhesive sticks to surrounding skin and fur, making removal difficult and increasing the chance of injury and irritation. The likelihood of skin trauma increases when the pet returns home, as many pet parents aren’t sure how to properly remove bandages or what to look for in terms of irritation and injury. Soft tissue complications including swelling, dermatitis, ulceration, and tissue necrosis are common. Although Ehmer slings provide significant benefits, care must be taken to ensure adequate protection of the skin.

Effective Alternative to Traditional Dog Bandages

The DogLeggs™ VEST with Ehmer Sling replaces traditional bandaging methods and provides a safe and effective alternative for dogs with hip luxation, following surgery, and during veterinary rehabilitation. Unlike tape, which can be restrictive and difficult to work with, the DogLeggs™ VEST with Ehmer Sling allows for flexibility in how the veterinarian bandages the leg. The unique design of the product allows the vet to place the leg in multiple positions depending on the situation and needs of the dog.

Easy Removal & Application of DogLeggs™ VEST with Ehmer Sling 

When soiled, bandages must be removed and reapplied. However, traditional bandages do not allow for easy removal or replacement. This presents a challenge for veterinarians who must take care to wrap the leg properly each time. Another issue, tape removal pulls on the skin and fur, increasing the chance of irritation and injury.

DogLeggs™ VEST with Ehmer Sling is machine washable and easy to remove. This revolutionary product allows for easy removal and application during and immediately after rehabilitation sessions. Constructed from lightweight, highly breathable material, the DogLeggs™ VEST with Ehmer Sling offers a comfortable and safe alternative to traditional bandages. The product’s material is impregnated with natural fiber to reduce odor and inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. The VELCRO® brand fasteners enable quick application and removal of the product without pulling the fur or causing damage to the skin.

Superior Comfort & Convenience For Your Dog

The DogLeggs™ VEST with Ehmer Sling product includes the VEST, Ehmer Sling, additional stabilization strap, and skirt for dogs with long torsos. All of the components attach easily to the VEST. The unique design of the product ensures proper positioning of the rear limb. When needed, veterinarians can use the product to easily position the limb in a flexed position with abduction and internal rotation.

The DogLeggs™ VEST with Ehmer Sling is only available with a veterinary prescription. The product comes in multiple sizes from XXXS to XXL. This makes it possible for veterinarians to keep their practice fully stocked with multiple sizes.

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