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Help Your Dog Manage Medial Shoulder Syndrome (MSS) or Instability (MSI)

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Medial Shoulder Syndrome (MSS) and Medial Shoulder Instability (MSI) can affect dogs of all breeds and ages. MSS and MSI are typically caused by overuse of the shoulder. However, slips and other trauma might also contribute to discomfort and dysfunction of the joint.

Symptoms of MSS and MSI include discomfort, lameness and performance issues. If not properly treated, shoulder instability can lead to osteoarthritis. Depending on the severity of the injury, dogs with MSS fall into three categories.

  • Mild MSS includes inflammation but little change to the shoulder. Mild MSS is commonly treated with rehabilitation therapy and the use of a shoulder support system. Surgery is not typically required.
  • Moderate MSS involves disruption or fraying of the joint, tendon and ligament. Treatment typically involves surgery, use of a shoulder support system and special measures to prevent the injury from reoccurring.
  • Severe MSS includes complete tears of the ligament and severe disruption of the joint and tendon. Reconstructive surgery, shoulder support and rehabilitation are necessary when treating severe MSS.

In all cases of MSS and MSI, use of a shoulder support system is necessary. The DogLeggs’™Shoulder Stabilization System protects and supports the shoulder. It limits movement to allow proper healing of the joint. Our Shoulder Stabilization System is often used and recommended by veterinarians for the management and treatment of MSS or MSI.

DogLeggs'™ Shoulder Stabilization System is comprised of our Standard or Full Length Adjustable DogLeggs™and forelimb hobble straps. This system is custom made to fit your dog.

Veterinarian Recommended System for MSS Management

Our Shoulder Stabilization System results in a shortened gait when walking and should only be used when necessary. A veterinarian’s prescription is required when ordering this product. Once ordered, the system ships directly to your veterinarian’s office unless otherwise indicated. Your vet will apply the product initially to ensure a proper fit. They will be able to show you how to apply and remove the system at this time.

Our Shoulder Stabilization System is made from high quality, breathable fabric. It can be worn for several months at a time with little to no discomfort to your dog.