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​What is a Lick Granuloma?

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Dogs are known to lick themselves occasionally - whether from an itchy spot, a bug bite, or from something totally unexplainable. But if you have a dog who constantly licks a specific spot on their bodies, mostly on their legs, to the point where their hair disappears and a sore develops, then it’s most likely that your dog has a lick granuloma. Lick granulomas cause a great deal of pain for dogs, but they become obsessed with the sore and continue licking incessantly, creating even more pain and stress on their bodies.

Why is a lick granuloma diagnosis difficult?

While on paper the diagnosis seems simple, in fact, veterinarians find that diagnosing a dog with a lick granuloma is a long and frustrating process (for everyone involved!). Because it’s hard to pinpoint what triggered the initial licking, and even more difficult to stop the usual obsessive licking that follows, veterinarians look at multiple explanations of what a lick granuloma is. In general, they test for bacterial infections, yeast infections, arthritis, nerve damage, allergies, or, also, behavioral issues such as anxiety.

Why is my dog licking his elbows?

Dogs tend to lick their legs more so than other parts of their bodies, and especially focus on their knee and wrist joints. While many theories abound for why the specific location is as such, continued licking will make any uncomfortable physical pain much worse. One reason that dogs become obsessed with a lick granuloma is boredom and lack of physical activity too - by licking their elbows, dogs fill their time, but not in a healthy manner.

How do you treat a lick granuloma?

While traditional treatment exists, if you have owned a dog, you know that they can be very strong willed with regards to any sort of medication or bandages (especially the typical cones meant to restrict licking post-surgery - if a dog wants out of a cone, he or she will find a way!). Initial treatment with medication and behavioral counseling might help but eventually, the lick granuloma can return, as it cannot be cured.

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Lick granuloma isn’t a curable condition, but it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience for your dog. If diagnosed with a lick granuloma, considering one of our products to help your dog feel better, walk better, and improve his or her quality of life.