Do I need a prescription to purchase DogLeggs products?
A prescription from your veterinary professional is required for any DogLeggs product that affects an animal’s movement or joint mobility and will be noted on the product page. Your veterinarian can call, fax, or e-mail a prescription directly to our office. Download Prescription Form

How do I order DogLeggs products?
All of DogLeggs products can be ordered through our website or over the phone at 800-313-1218.

Are all DogLeggs products custom-made?

DogLeggs products are custom-sized according to the measurement provided for your pet by you or your veterinary professional.

Do you make products only for dogs?

Although our products were originally developed for dogs, they are now used for most companion animals.  Smaller sizes in a number of our products are generally suitable for use on cats. 

Are DogLeggs products washable?

All of DogLeggs products are washable. Check out our Tips & Tricks for article for more information. 

My dog likes to chew things; will he chew his DogLeggs product?
The majority of dogs tolerate DogLeggs products very well. However, these products are not indestructible.  Supervision of your pet while he or she is getting used to wearing the product is always recommended.

What if my product doesn’t fit?
If you think you have a fit issue, please call us at (800) 313-1218, and we will work with you to get it right.

My dog is very large. Will you have a size to fit her?
All of DogLeggs products are custom-sized according to the measurement provided for your pet by you or your veterinary professional.

Are your products available in retail pet stores?
DogLeggs products are not currently available through retail pet stores and can be purchased directly from DogLeggs on our website.

Are DogLeggs products covered by pet insurance?
Please contact your insurance carrier or refer directly to your insurance policy for information regarding reimbursement of specific items.

How do I file a claim with my insurance company?
Please contact the Claims Division of your insurance carrier for instructions on filing a claim.

Should I include the hygroma when I measure my dog’s legs for the Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs?

Yes. Include the hygroma when measuring your dogs’ leg. This may result in a different size for each leg.  DogLeggs products are custom sized and Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs are designed to provide a different size for each leg, if required.

Should my dog wear the chest strap included with the Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs?

Yes. The chest strap holds the DogLeggs in the proper position and prevents the product from sliding down the animal’s back.

Should I use medication for my dog’s wound?

Please consult you veterinary professional before applying any medication to your dogs’ wound. 

How do Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs help with elbow arthritis?

DogLeggs can help ease the joint discomfort resulting from elbow arthritis by reflecting the dog’s body heat back into the elbow joint and providing comfortable padding. 

Can my dog walk and play in his DogLeggs?

Yes. Standard and Full Length Adjustable DogLeggs are non-restrictive. They are a coverage solution and do not limit the animal’s movement.

Can I get a replacement part for my dog’s DogLeggs?

Yes. You can purchase a replacement chest strap or single side of your DogLeggs at any time. 

Can my dog go swimming in his Standard Length or Full Length Adjustable DogLeggs?

No. The product is not designed to be worn while your dog is swimming. Remove the DogLeggs product while your dog is swimming and put it back on the dog when the dog has finished swimming and is completely dry. 

What is the difference between the Hock Sock and Tarsal Support?

The Hock Sock provides coverage and protection over the bony prominences of the hock.

The Tarsal Support is designed to provide mild to moderate support of the hock joint as well as coverage. The Tarsal Support extends to approximately 3 inches above the point of hock.

Are your products breathable?

Yes. Our products are meant to be worn for long periods of time. The materials used to make Hock Socks and Tarsal Supports wick away moisture and are breathable.   [Link to Wear & Care Instructions]  

I live outside of the United States. How will that affect the delivery of my product?

We use FedEx International Priority for all of our international shipments. DogLeggs pricing does not include VAT, other taxes, duties or fees that your state, province or country requires you to pay. 

Do you have distributors in my country?

All DogLeggs products may be purchased directly from DogLeggs on our website. In addition, DogLeggs has distributors in various countries and regions around the world:

Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden: Scandi Orthopedic

What is Acral Lick Granuloma?
Compulsive licking has the following necessary condition: licking in excess of that required for standard grooming or exploration. The following condition is sufficient: licking in excess of that required for grooming or exploration that represents a change in the animal’s typical behavior and interferes with other activities or functions (eg, eating, drinking, playing, interacting with people) and cannot easily be interrupted.

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What are Decubital Ulcers?
Decubital ulcers  occur in large and small animals. These wounds occur when a bony part of the body -- human or animal -- rests for long periods against a hard surface, restricting blood flow to the area. "With blood flow restricted, tissue dies and sloughs, or detaches from the body."

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What is Hygroma?
A hygroma is a false bursa that occurs over bony prominences and pressure points, especially in large breeds of dogs. Repeated trauma from lying on hard surfaces produces an inflammatory response, which results in a dense-walled, fluid-filled cavity. A soft, fluctuant, painless swelling develops over pressure points, especially the olecranon. If long-standing, severe inflammation may develop, and ulceration, infection, and fistulas may be present. The bursa contains a clear, yellow to red fluid.

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What are Pendulous Calluses?
Large, protruding calluses, often, soft puffy skin, no fluid. Ulcers and infections are common in Pendulous Calluses.. These calluses are most often seen in English Mastiff breeds and German Shepherds, though can be present in any large breed Due to constant pressure and weight, the callus grows and grows.  The skin of the callus rather than being tough is soft, can be quite large and multi-lobed and is easily torn. DogLeggs recommended treatment: DogLeggs cannot reduce the size of a Pendulous Callus, the body have grown all this extra skin to protect the bony prominence of the elbow from constant trauma.

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