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Swim Snood

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Indications for Use

  •  Aquatic Rehabilitation or Conditioning
  •  Swimming
  •  Dental Cleaning
  •  Oral Surgery
  •  Grooming
  •  Shielding for Sound Sensitivity 

Product Description

The Swim Snood is made from water resistant material that prevents water splash in ears during aquatic therapy.  Use of the Swim Snood can reduce recurrent infections associated with swimming and can be used to protect the ears from fluid during routine dental or other oral procedures. It can also prevent ear fur from becoming soiled at mealtime for pendant ear breeds.

The snood can also provide sound shielding for animals sensitive to the sound of the dryer during grooming or following aquatic therapy or those anxious and hypersensitive to noise.

The Swim Snood is effective for both pricked and pendant ear breeds.

*Choosing the Right Size

Size is based on measurement #1, which is the circumference of the head. Please use the table below to select the best size for your dog.

  Measurement #1 - Head
Size Inches CM
XS 9" - 11" 22.86 - 27.94
S 12" - 16" 30.48 - 40.64
M 17" - 20" 43.18 - 50.8
L 20" - 25" 50.8 - 63.5
XL 25 - 29" 63.5 - 73.66


The Swim Snood is made from closed cell foam with synthetic rubber material laminated with nylon jersey fabric. It is light weight, soft, flexible and water resistant. It secures with VELCRO® Brand fasteners. The product is machine washable.




Swim Snood

Measurement Unit:
1: Measure the circumference of the head, including the ears (under the jaw and around head over the ears):

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
2: Measure from immediately in front of the ears to the base of the neck:

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Owner's Name:

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Phone Number:

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Pet's Name:

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Pet's Breed:

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Pet's Age (Years):

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