DogLeggs for Amputees (forelimb amputees)

Indications for use include:

Area of Coverage: Torso and elbow

Forelimb amputees place greater stress and incur increased trauma to the remaining elbow when lying down and rising. DogLeggs for Amputees offers coverage, padding and protection for the remaining elbow in the forelimb amputee. The standard design is intended for animals with a full limb amputation and consists of a vest with a single sleeve providing coverage of the elbow.

In some cases, it may be necessary to make a prototype for fitting purposes. We will contact you to discuss the details if this is needed.

Partial Limb Amputees

DogLeggs for Amputees can be further customized to provide coverage, padding and protection of stumps in the partial limb amputee.

Coverage Solution for the Sternum in the Forelimb Amputee

Some forelimb amputees require coverage, padding and protection of the sternum, as "Henry", the cat pictured right, did. Our vest can be customized to provide the needed padding to address this issue.

Please contact our office to discuss these or any other special coverage needs for the forelimb amputee.

Product Construction: The vest portion of the DogLeggs for Amputees is constructed of a lightweight fleece-faced material that is highly breathable and has wicking properties. It closes with hook and loop fastening along the back. The elbow cuff provides padding sufficient for giant breed dogs. The product is machine washable.

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A Tribute To Gunther
Rosemary was not able to get a photo of Gunther wearing his DogLeggs for Amputees, however, shared his tribute with us upon his passing. What a special dog and what a special family.





Photos and Videos

DogLeggs for Front Leg Amputees-cushioned protection for front leg amputees.  Protects remaining elbow from wear and tear, hygroma, decubital ulcer, and calluses.



Henry in DogLeggs for Amputees