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How to measure for a small dog

If you have a small dog, one whose leg measures 6" or less from point of elbow to floor, please take the following measurements:

  1. Measure from point of the elbow on one side of your dog, up and over the back to point of elbow on the opposite side of your dog.
  2. Measure around both the left and right legs at the point of the elbow.
  3. Measure around your dog's leg half way between the point of the elbow and the top of the paw
  4. Measure from point of elbow to top of paw

DogLeggs' Surgi-Sox™ Aural Compression Bandage
(US Patent No: 6,070,557)

Indication of use include:

Area of Coverage: Head and Ears

The DogLeggs' Surgi-Sox Aural Compression Bandage is a revolutionary alternative for head and ear bandaging. Its compressive quality prevents damage to the ear during head shaking. It can also reduce head shaking and the mess associated with the application of ear medications. Using the bandage during feeding can eliminate ear infections associated with food debris entering the ears as well as reducing grooming needs. The Surgi-Sox Aural Compression Bandage just slips on and hook and loop fastening system provide further securement just in front and behind the ears.

Product Construction: All components of the Surgi-Sox Animal Bandaging System are made from a proprietary material. This 4-way stretch textile is highly breathable, wicks away moisture, is plated to prevent the fabric from sticking to wounds and has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties woven within. These properties withstand hundreds of washings. Hook and loop fastening secure the bandage. The product is mashing washable.

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Wear and Care/Return Policy/Disclaimer

Veterinary Professionals: Have the size you need, when you need it and SAVE with our Surgi-Sox Starter Bundle & Quantity Discount Bundles.

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Hematoma on left earHematoma on left ear
DogLeggs Ear HematomaDogLeggs Surgi-Sox Aural Compression Bandage


Traditional bandaging
Quote from owner using traditional bandaging, "Dusty's aural hematoma came back so he had to get it re-drained and rebandaged. Now I have to try to keep this thing on him for a week. He's already shaken his ear out of it twice. "