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Product Description

Discover the Surgi-Sox Aural Compression Bandage, your new go-to solution for head and ear bandaging. This innovative bandage is designed to protect your pet’s ears from damage due to head shaking, while also reducing the mess and discomfort that often comes with applying ear medications. This is a medical grade snood.

Imagine mealtime without the worry of food debris causing ear infections—this bandage keeps your pet’s ears clean and significantly reduces grooming time. The Surgi-Sox Aural Compression Bandage is incredibly easy to use, slipping on comfortably and adjusting securely with VELCRO® Brand fasteners positioned in front of and behind the ears.

Crafted from a unique 4-way stretch textile, this bandage is breathable and moisture-wicking, ensuring your pet stays comfortable. The fabric is also designed to prevent sticking to wounds and includes antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that last through hundreds of washes. Simply hand wash in warm water and hang to dry for easy maintenance.

Choose the Happy Wrap for a reliable, hassle-free solution to your pet's ear care needs.

Indications for Use

  • Ear Hematomas
  • Total Ear Canal Ablation
  • Shaking Splatter Following Ear Medication Application
  • Wounds, Abrasions, Incisions on or Around the Ear
  • Prevents Food Debris from Lodging in Ear Hair and Canal

Choosing the Right Size

To find the perfect fit for your dog, measure the circumference of their head. Refer to the sizing chart below to select the appropriate size.





The Surgi-Sox product line is crafted from a unique 4-way stretch textile that is highly breathable and moisture-wicking. The fabric is designed to minimize sticking to wounds and includes antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that endure through hundreds of washes. The bandage is secured with VELCRO® Brand fasteners and is easy to maintain with hand washing in warm water and air drying.

  • US Patent No: 6,070,557


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