​2 Products You Need to Treat and Prevent Dog Hygromas

A common problem, dog hygromas can appear suddenly and grow quite large over time. These fluid-filled lumps typically start as a small moveable mass on the elbow or other joints. If not treated promptly, dog hygromas can grow and become hard. Once this occurs, treatment becomes more difficult. Despite their alarming appearance, dog hygromas don’t usually cause discomfort unless they become infected.

What is a Hygroma?

Dog hygromas are benign, fluid-filled lumps that develop over bony prominences. Although hygromas can grow over any bony prominence, they most commonly appear on the elbows. Elbow hygromas are more common in large, short-haired breeds such as Labradors, Great Danes, German Shepherds, and Mastiffs.

Elbow hygromas develop when dogs frequently lay on hard surfaces such as hardwood floors, concrete, or tile. Repeated pressure against the joints causes injury to the delicate skin over the elbow. This causes an inflammatory response and the tissues under the skin of the elbow attempt to protect the joint by surrounding it in fluid. This results in a sudden swelling over the elbow. Although the swelling might begin small, it will continue to grow as more trauma occurs.

Although elbow hygromas are mostly cosmetic, they can cause complications if they become infected. It’s important to speak with your vet immediately if you notice any abnormal swelling on your dog. Early treatment increases the chance of success.

Dog Hygroma Treatment

Treatment of dog hygromas focuses on preventing further damage to the elbow. In addition to dog hygroma elbow pads, providing your pet with a soft place to lay can help speed recovery. Larger hygromas might require additional treatment such as drainage or surgery. You dog’s veterinarian can help you decide on the best course of action.

An effective alternative to traditional bandages, DogLeggs™ products provide superior protection and support of elbow hygromas. The unique design of these products ensures easy application, complete coverage, and easy maintenance. Thanks to custom sizing, the elbow pad will not shift out of place like other products.

Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs

Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs™ provide coverage and padding for elbow hygromas. An effective hygroma treatment, Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs™ can eliminate the need for invasive treatments such as surgery or drainage. Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs™ include soft padding to cushion and protect the elbow joint, preventing delicate tissue from further damage. When used regularly, Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs™ not only help treat existing hygromas, they can also help prevent them from developing in the first place.

Constructed of high quality, breathable materials, Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs™provide optimal comfort and support. They include Velcro fasteners for easy application and removal.

Full Length Adjustable DogLeggs

Full Length Adjustable DogLeggs™ provide coverage and support for the treatment and prevention of elbow hygromas. In addition to providing much needed elbow padding, this custom product provides both elbow coverage and front leg coverage, making it the ideal choice for treating elbow hygromas and other injuries to the front leg.

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