​DogLeggs Offers Veterinarians an Effective Alternative to Traditional Hobbles

For dogs that present swimmer puppy syndrome, hip dislocation, neurological dysfunction and/or muscle weakness of the hind limbs, rear leg hobbles provide the much needed support a dog needs by keeping their legs in the proper position. When used for closed reduction, rear leg hobbles eliminate the need for surgery approximately 50% of the time.

The Problem With Tape Hobbles

Traditionally, veterinarians use tape hobbles to limit abduction of the hind limbs. Unfortunately, this method comes with numerous drawbacks. Tape adhesive can irritate the skin and get caught in the fur, causing discomfort for the dog. Tape hobbles also soil easily. As excessive dirt, animal waste, and other debris attaches itself to the tape, the adhesive becomes less effective. This reduces the efficiency of the hobble. As the tape starts to peel away, the dog might lick and pull at it, further reducing the hobble’s ability to keep the hind legs in place. Injury to the surrounding skin may occur as the dog continues to lick and pull at the tape.

Even with excessive licking and buildup of debris, soiling and peeling of the tape usually occurs on the outside edges. The center may remain extremely difficult to remove. Vet techs and pet parents often find it takes a considerable amount of time to change tape hobbles. This could cause a problem during vet visits, after prolonged use, and before therapy sessions. In addition to the amount of time spent removing tape, the removal process can cause distress for the dog.

Removable Rear Leg Hobble System

A prescription product, DogLeggsTM Rear Leg Hobble System (RLH) provides an effective alternative to traditional bandages and/or tape hobbles. This revolutionary system limits abduction of the hind limbs without the stress and discomfort caused by a lengthy application and removal process. Velcro fasteners make it possible for pet parents and veterinarians to quickly apply and remove the DogLeggsTM Rear Leg Hobble System. This could prove especially beneficial for dogs that require frequent removal and reapplication of the hobble such as those undergoing veterinary rehabilitation sessions.

The cuffs of the DogLeggsTM Rear Leg Hobble System are constructed from closed cell foam and synthetic rubber material laminated with a comfortable and non-stick nylon jersey fabric. The unique design of the product ensures optimal comfort and tensile strength. The DogLeggsTM Rear Leg Hobble System is machine washable, allowing for easy cleaning and extended use.

Increasing Accessibility to Clients

For most prescription products, clients must wait for their veterinarian to order and receive the product. This may mean multiple trips to the veterinary office and dogs going for extended periods without treatment. Unfortunately, many conditions require immediate treatment to ensure a favorable outcome.

The DogLeggsTM Rear Leg Hobble System comes in standard sizes, making it easy for veterinary offices to keep their practice fully stocked. Clients can simply take home the product when prescribed instead of having to return once the product is delivered. This saves time, effort, and reduces the amount of people visiting the practice. This could prove especially beneficial to practices restricting the number of clients allowed inside due to COVID-19.

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