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Rear Leg Hobble System

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  • Canine Rear Leg Hobble System
  • Canine Rear Leg Hobble System

Indications for Use

  • Post-reduction/Surgical Management of certain Ventral Hip Luxations
  • Post-operative Management for certain Pelvic Fractures
  • Post-operative Management for certain Tenuous Femoral Fractures
  • Swimmer Puppy Syndrome
  • Supervised Rehabilitation Therapy for Patients with Neurologic Dysfunction and/or Muscle Weakness of the Hind Limbs 

Product Description

The DogLeggs' Rear Leg Hobble System provides an improved solution to traditional bandage hobbles.  It limits abduction of the hind limbs, is easy to apply, and offers superior comfort for the animal.  It is machine washable and can be re-used for other animals of similar size. The system is comprised of two adjustable cuffs, each with a ring connector to accommodate the hobble strap.  The cuffs secure with VELCRO® Brand fasteners. The hobble strap length is adjustable.  For dogs with neurologic dysfunction, a more rigid item can be placed around the hobble strap to prevent adduction during supervised rehabilitation therapy, if desired.


veterinary prescription is required to order this product.


The cuffs of the DogLeggs' Rear Leg Hobble System are made from closed cell foam with synthetic rubber material and laminated with a nylon jersey fabric.  They are lightweight yet durable and have incredible tensile strength.  The cuffs secure with VELCRO® Brand fasteners.  The hobble strap is made from VELCRO® Brand material.  The product is machine washable.



Rear Leg Hobble System


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