How Do I Keep Water Out of My Dog’s Ears?

Water is one of the leading causes of ear infections for your dog. Covering your dog’s ears during water activity is a good measure towards protecting your dog from these painful occasions, as well as potential hearing loss. DogLeggs™ Swim Snood was designed for this exact purpose.

When to Use the Swim Snood

Water-caused ear infections can come about whenever your dog is submerged in water. This includes aquatic rehabilitation and conditioning for an injured limb, as well as recreational swimming in a pool or open water.

Ear infections can also occur when your dog is not submerged in water. Situations in which your dog’s ears are prone to fluid buildup, such as dental cleanings and oral surgery, as well as grooming can also cause ear infections.

You can also use the Swim Snood to provide sound shielding for your dog from loud house noises such as your clothes dryer or your vacuum cleaner. The dryer at your grooming salon can also be quite loud and can trigger anxiety for dogs who are hypersensitive to noise.

The Swim Snood can reduce this hypersensitivity through noise suppression. Does your dog get anxious during a thunderstorm? DogLeggs™ Swim Snood can help!

The Swim Snood also doubles as a general anxiety reducing tool for general anxiety-prone dogs, not triggered solely by noise; as well as fur soiling protection for pendant ear breeds at meal time.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

The Swim Snood is made of soft, flexible, and lightweight jersey fabric that is comfortable and effective for dog ears of all shapes and sizes. Being an aquatic rehabilitation splash protection product, it is fully water resistant and machine washable.

How to Choose the Right Size Swim Snood

The Swim Snood comes in sizes ranging from XS to XL, as well as a variety of colors. To choose the right size for your dog, you will need to first take a couple of measurements. You can take these measurements in either inches or centimeters. There is a sizing chart on the order page to help you find the right size Swim Snood for your dog based on these measurements.

The first measurement you need is the circumference of your dog’s head. This measurement should be taken from underneath the jaw, up and around the head so that it includes the ears.

The second measurement you need is the length from your dog’s ears to neck area. You will need to measure from directly in front of the ears, down to the base of the neck.

DogLeggs™ offers a variety of products designed to treat and support your dog for a wide range of causes and occasions. Have questions about which product is right for your dog? Drop us a line and let us know your concerns