How to Treat Your Dog’s Hygroma


How to Treat Your Dog’s Hygroma

Elbow hygromas are fairly common in larger dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Labradors, Great Danes and Mastiffs. With the proper equipment, most hygromas can be successfully treated at home.  What is a hygroma?

A hygroma is a fluid-filled swelling caused by repeated trauma. These non-painful swellings typically occur over a pressure point or bony prominence such as the outside elbow. Hygromas normally begin small and soft but can become large and hard over time. Hygromas may be present or recur throughout a dog’s entire life. When left untreated, hygromas can become infected.

Common causes of hygromas

A hygroma develops from repeated trauma to an area over a bony prominence. The most common cause is lying on hard surfaces such as cement or hardwood floors. Larger dogs and dogs that are older or recovering from surgery are more likely to develop hygromas.

Diagnosing hygromas in dogs

If you notice any unusual growths on your pet it is extremely important to have them seen by a veterinarian. Your veterinarian will perform a physical examination and ask you questions about when you first noticed the swelling and if you’ve noticed any changes in your dog’s behavior. A biopsy might be necessary if your veterinarian feels the lesion looks abnormal.

Treating your dog’s hygroma

To properly treat a hygroma, you must start by preventing further trauma to the affected area. The best way to accomplish this is by offering your pet soft padded bedding to rest on. Placing padding around the hygroma can help prevent it from coming in contact with hard surfaces.

Easy to use protection for elbow hygromas

Adjustable DogLeggs provide optimal coverage, padding and protection for elbow joints. This innovative product can be used to successfully prevent and treat elbow hygromas. Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggs padded elbow coverage provides the necessary protection from hard surfaces. Adjustable DogLeggs are easy to use and are adjustable in three ways to ensure excellent fit. DogLeggs include a chest strap to help prevent them from sliding down your pet’s back while they are sitting. They are specially designed to allow air circulation while keeping joints warm.

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