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​How to Use a Dog Brace to Treat Elbow Hygroma

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Elbow hygromas can come on suddenly. These fluid-filled swellings occur in response to repeated trauma to the tissue over bony prominences. They most commonly appear on the elbows of large breeds and overweight dogs. However, elbow hygromas can affect dogs of all sizes and breeds.

What Causes Elbow Hygromas?

When dogs lie down on hard surfaces like tile, hardwood or concrete flooring, they put pressure on their elbows. Over time, the constant pressure and repeated trauma produces an inflammatory response. As the body attempts to protect the elbow it surrounds it with fluid. This “pillow” creates a visible bump on the elbow.

Although elbow hygromas may look alarming, they are not tumors and do not pose an immediate threat to your pet. However, it’s important to begin treatment as soon as possible. Without treatment, elbow hygromas can become inflamed and ulcerated. If hygromas become infected, pain and fever can occur.

Elbow Hygroma Treatment

Treatment for elbow hygromas involves relieving pressure to the elbow. A high quality dog brace, like Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggsTM provides support and padding to help prevent further injury. When necessary, DogLeggsTM allow for the insertion of a donut to provide additional padding and protection of the area.

During elbow hygroma treatment, it’s important that pet parents focus on eliminating hard surfaces whenever possible. Providing a dog bed or padding in sleeping areas can reduce the amount of trauma to the elbow. However, some pets prefer to lie on cooler concrete and hard floors. This is why it’s so important to use a dog brace both during and after treatment. With regular use, Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggsTM not only treat existing hygromas, they can also prevent new hygromas from forming.

Without prompt attention, elbow hygromas may require more aggressive treatment. Occasionally, veterinarians will recommend drainage, corticosteroid injections, and/or surgical removal of elbow hygromas. Unfortunately, these treatments can increase the chance of infection or other complications. This is why veterinarians recommend using a dog brace to treat most elbow hygromas. Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggsTM eliminate the risk of complications associated with drainage or surgery.

Choosing an Elbow Brace for Your Dog

When selecting an elbow brace for your pet it’s important to consider ease of use, durability, and comfort. Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggsTM includes VELCRO® brand fasteners to ensure easy application and adjustment of the product. This high quality dog brace is constructed from a 3-dimensional fleece-faced, highly breathable, 4-way stretch textile. The material wicks moisture, allows for air circulation, and keeps the joint warm and well protected. The unique design ensures optimal comfort for your pet.

Effective Elbow Hygroma Treatment

Built for convenience, quality, and durability, DogLeggsTM products offer an excellent alternative to traditional bandages. Our machine washable dog braces provide coverage, padding, and protection of the elbow joint. In addition to providing an effective elbow hygroma treatment, Standard Length Adjustable DogLeggsTM also help prevent elbow hygromas from returning.

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