Surgi-Sox Easy to Use Dog Ear and Torso Bandages.


Surgi-Sox Easy to Use Dog Ear and Torso Bandages.

Surgi-Sox™are a revolutionary alternative to traditional bandages. They provide a number of benefits to both veterinary professionals and pet owners. Surgi-Sox™ are easy to use, machine washable and custom-sized to fit each pet.

Surgi-Sox™ can be used to provide compression, protection and coverage for a wide range of conditions and situations. Surgi-Sox™ are made from unique, breathable fabric with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. The fabric is plated to prevent it from sticking to wounds and incision sites.

Surgi-Sox Aural Compression Bandage

The Surgi-Sox™ Aural Compression Bandage is an excellent alternative to traditional head and ear bandages. This bandage is easy to use and specially designed to be comfortable for pets.

The Surgi-Sox™ Aural Compression Bandage can be used for a number of conditions. It is an extremely effective treatment for ear hematomas and provides protection after total ear canal ablation. Surgi-Sox™ can be used to prevent the mess associated with ear shaking after the application of ear medication. The bandage prevents food debris from entering the ears during feeding. It also provides protection of wounds, abrasions and incisions in and around the ears.

Surgi-Sox Torso

The Surgi-Sox™ Torso provides superior compression, protection and coverage of the torso. This revolutionary product can be used to cover wounds, abrasions, skin lesions and incisions. Veterinary practices can use Surgi-Sox™ Torso to prevent obsessive licking of the torso and to provide coverage and protection of percutaneous endoscopic tubes, thoracostomy tubes and surgically placed drain tubes. Surgi-Sox™ Torso can also be used to prevent or reduce stress and anxiety during recovery.

Surgi-Sox™ Torso is available in a variety of options including standard, with forelimb leggings, for forelimb amputees and with a Velcro closure for easy step-in. The level of compression provided by Surgi-Sox™ Torso can be adjusted based on the size selected.

Surgi-Sox™ can be cut to accommodate tubes. They will not unravel, run, fray or lose their antimicrobial properties, even after multiple washes.

DogLeggs™ products are easy to use, machine washable and an extremely effective alternative to traditional bandages. They are used and recommended by general practice and specialty vets. Please contact us for more information.