DogLeggs' VEST with Ehmer Sling
(US Patent No: 7,665,425)

Indications of use include:

  • Post open or closed reduction of craniodorsal coxofemoral luxations
  • Post-operative management of acetabular, femoral head and neck and certain femoral fractures
  • Prevention of quadriceps tie-down following internal fixation of femoral shaft, supracondylar or distal physeal fractures in immature dogs
  • Encourage weight-bearing in the contralateral limb during rehabilitation therapy
  • Prevent weight-bearing in the hind limb

The DogLeggs’ VEST with Ehmer Sling is a superior alternative to bandaging. The products are machine washable and reusable for multiple patients. The DogLeggs' VEST with Ehmer Sling eliminates the trauma to the skin caused by the bandage method improving patient comfort and recovery. The system is easy to apply and can be used for either hind limb. Rehabilitation therapy can be performed with ease through out recovery.

The system is comprised of the DogLeggs' VEST, Ehmer Sling, Skirt (for dogs with long torsos) and Additional Stabilization Strap. The VEST serves as a platform for attachment of the rest of the system components. The Skirt attaches to the VEST to add length, useful for animals with long torsos. The Ehmer Sling is a single piece construction that bifurcates. The hock is held securely at the apex of the sling while the two arm of the sling secure to the VEST and/or Skirt. Because the VEST and Skirt are completely hook compatible, the two arms of the sling can be attached anywhere them. The Additional Stabilization Strap secures to the Ehmer Sling and can be attached anywhere on the VEST and/or Skirt. This construction allows for a range of positioning options. The limb can easily be maintained in a flexed position with abduction and internal rotation, as desired following reduction of craniodoral coxofemoral luxations.

This product is available through and ships to the veterinary professional only.

Product Construction: The DogLeggs' VEST and supplemental components are constructed from a lightweight material that is hook compatible. This material is highly breathable and has wicking properties. The material does not pull and the fur and is impregnated with a natural fiber that reduces odor and inhibits bacterial and fungal growth within the product. Hook and loop fastening are used for closure and attachments. The product and supplemental components are machine washable.

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Veterinarians: The DogLeggs' VEST with Ehmer Sling is available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. These products can be inventoried. Custom sizes are also available upon request. Save with the DogLeggs' VEST and Ehmer Sling Starter Bundle.

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"A  fantastic product that is very user (owner and veterinarian) friendly and allows for daily maintenance and rehabilitation therapy.  The patients are comfortable in the product and we have had no issues with secondary wear wounds or dogs trying to remove the systems."
Sherman O. Canapp, Jr., DVM, MS, CCRT
Diplomate ACVS
Diplomate ACVSMR
Veterinary Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group


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