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Product Description

The VEST with Ehmer Sling is an exceptional alternative to traditional bandaging, designed with your pet's comfort and recovery in mind. This system is machine washable and reusable, offering convenience and peace of mind. Unlike conventional bandaging, our VEST with Ehmer Sling reduces skin trauma, enhancing your dog's comfort and accelerating their recovery.

Easy to apply and suitable for either hind limb, this system makes rehabilitation straightforward throughout the healing process. It includes the VEST, Ehmer Sling, Skirt (for dogs with longer torsos), and an Additional Stabilization Strap. The VEST acts as the base, with the Skirt adding extra length if needed. The Ehmer Sling holds the hock securely, with two arms attaching to the VEST or Skirt. The Additional Stabilization Strap offers additional security and flexibility in positioning, ensuring your pet’s limb is maintained correctly following reduction of craniodoral coxofemoral luxations.

Notes: We recommend that a veterinary professional applies the product initially.

Indications for Use

  • After Closed Reduction of Craniodorsal Coxofemoral Luxations
  • After Open Reduction of Craniodorsal Coxofemoral Luxations
  • Post-Operative Management of Acetabular, Femoral Head and Neck, and Specific Femoral Fractures
  • Prevention of Quadriceps Tie-down Following Internal Fixation of Femoral Shaft, Supracondylar, or Distal Physeal Fractures in Young Dogs
  • To Prevent Weight Bearing on the Hind Limb
  • To Encourage Weight-Bearing on the Opposite Limb for Rehabilitation Therapy

Choosing the Right Size

To find the perfect size for your dog, measure the circumference of your dog's chest. Refer to the sizing chart below.






The DogLeggs' VEST and its components are made from a lightweight, breathable material that is compatible with VELCRO® Brand fasteners. This material wicks moisture, doesn't pull fur, and contains natural fibers that reduce odor and inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. VELCRO® Brand fasteners ensure secure closures and attachments. For care, simply hand wash in warm water and hang dry.

US Patent No: 7,665,425

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